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Express Garage Door Service was established with a motive to provide a comfortable and safe home/commercial space for all in the Vancouver, WA area. Having operated in the industry for over a decade, the residents know well and clear whom to contact when they need the assistance of a garage door professional. We have served our clients zealously for ten years, and undoubtedly, have captured a long-lasting impression on the hearts of our clients. We hire only the finest men, with an appreciable educational background, years of experience and hands-on training, which makes them capable to deal with all kinds of garage-door related issues with utmost precision. The amiable nature of our team and their refined skills have enabled them to provide affordable solutions to all your garage door needs.

An array of choices:

Express Garage Door Service Vancouver, WA 360-693-1929Express Garage Door Service has been a pioneer in offering a plethora of garage doors and services that pertain to the requirements of the industry. We have a wide-array of garage doors to choose from that are highly adept in keeping even the most devised security threats at bay. From steel garage doors to wooden ones that are taking the market by storm, we have it all to provide a stunning appeal to the frontal area of your house. With Express Garage Door Service as your service provider, it is also possible for you to customize your garage doors making yours dream design come true!


Garage doors are exposed to a number of harsh weather conditions as they are a prominent element of the external area of the commercial/residential space. The tiny gaps or crevices on the garage can let the moisture seep in which in turn can increase the heating costs due to the changes in temperature. To ensure that your bills are kept in check, you need to install weather-stripping for your garage doors. Weather-stripping will ensure that all the gaps and crevices are sealed firmly and will provide a safer garage. In case, you have worn-out weather-stripping in place, we also ensure that we replace them with new and efficient ones!